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She Ripped Down My Window Blinds And Started Breaking Them, When I Saw What She Made? AMAZING!

3To complete this project, you’ll need:White faux-wood blinds
Thick upholstery fabric
Mod Podge and bowl
Foam brush
Tape measure
Clothes iron

This Fashionista Cuts A Hole In Her Leggings, But Look What Happens When She Unfolds Them!

3The solution is to up-cycle them. YouTuber Handimania is going to teach you how to turn your old leggings into a funky crop top with just a few well aimed snips.

This Woman Sets Wire Shelves Into Her Food Cabinets. And The End Result? Impressive!

3Having to sift through stacks of canned food is never fun, especially if you have a large family to feed and have to take regular trips to the grocery store.

She Pours Baking Soda All Over Her Mattress..30 Seconds Later? and I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

3The average person will do this maybe once or twice a year (or not at all), and you may be shocked to find out how much filth you’re accumulating on an annual basis, and remember, this is where you sleep!

She Slices A Circle Out Of An Old T-Shirt. What She Makes Is Such An Amazing Fashion Statement!

3April over at coolirpa has been running her “thrifted transformations” series for around two years now, but this fan favorite actually predates that official title.

She Places An Empty Toilet Paper Roll On An Electric Mixer. The End Result? I Can’t Wait To Try This!

3I personally love to knit as a form or relaxation, but winding up the leftover yarn when I’m done is such a pain. It’s easy for it to get tangled, and I spend far too much time and energy untangling it.

Never Throw Away Old Bath Towels, Use Them This Way Instead, And The Result? STUNNING!

3Here are the step-by-steps: Fold the towels in half and start cutting one-inch strips. Marianne cuts about 13 strips to make a medium-size rug. Take a strip in each color and sew the three ends together.
Start braiding the three strips. Fold the ends underneath so the raw edges don’t show.

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